Moved to Portland!

In January 2020 I moved to Portland, where I was meeting some great musicians when Covid-19 came. Now I am getting out and I hope to restart the band here in Portland. Check out this site for information and music from Portland, Eugene, and Seattle.

—Frank Poloney
Jazz Flute Project

New as of August 2022: Joplin Rags arranged for flute duet
I recently arranged two Joplin piano rags for two flutes: The Cascades and Solace: A Mexican Serenade. The sheet music is available at:
Sheet Music Direct
Sheet Music Plus
See the Music page for audio samples.


Jazz Flute Project plays swinging jazz standards, soulful ballads, and bossa nova.

Jazz Flute Project features the flute and a revolving cast of rhythm section players, usually a quartet or a trio.


I started the project in Seattle in 2012, with Kurt, Barry, and Rogene (pictured below). We made some recordings and played a few gigs in Seattle.

In September 2014, I moved to Eugene, Oregon. Just before I left, I recorded some more music with Greg Bumpus on piano, Greg Domingo on acoustic bass, and Bob Chester on drums.

A move to Portland, Oregon in 2020 coincided with the Covid pandemic, which made it unfeasible to start up the band in Portland. In lieu of a recording session with live musicians, I made a collection of studio recordings accompanied by pre-recorded backing tracks: The Covid Blues.

Jerry Gleason (guitar) – Terry Takahashi (bass) – Frank Poloney (flute) – Don Elkington (drums)


Jerry Gleason_563-2
Jerry Gleason
Gerry Rempel (guitar) – Jerry Gleason (bass)
Kevin Ronkko
Luis Chicas-Cruz
Don Elkington
Terry Takahashi
Alvin Johnson (drums) – Terry Takahashi (bass)
Dudley Kendal (keyboards) and Terry Takahashi (bass)

The Original Seattle Quartet

Frank Poloney – Flute

Kurt Loewen – Guitar

Barry Bremer – Bass

Rogene Eichler-West – Drums

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