Frank’s Flute Notes

Help for beginning flute players

I created these notes to share information on flute playing and music in general. Much of this information is aimed at younger players, but it could be useful to all players who want to improve in the fundamentals of the art. I have collected this information on this site to supply easy access to it for my students. It is not meant to be a complete, stand-alone tutorial. However it is my hope that it is useful to a wider audience.

This site is still under construction. I will be editing these pages and adding some new ones from time to time.


About Me

Frank Poloney, flute player


I have a B.A. in music from Rutgers University and an M.A. in music composition from the University of Pittsburgh. I have played several instruments in bands throughout the years, but my main focus is flute, and I mainly play jazz. In 2012 I started a band called Jazz Flute Project featuring the flute with several different rhythm sections. We performed in Seattle and later in Eugene, Oregon when I moved there. I moved to Portland in January, 2020, just before the outbreak of Covid-19. Now I am hoping to restart the band in Portland.

For detailed information on my musical background, including information on the many bands that I have played in and some recordings, see My Back Pages.

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