Importance of Daily Practice

Maintaining a daily practice routine is the single most important aspect of success for beginners. A daily practice schedule provides the framework that allows you to build your musical skills. If you want to have a garden, but you don’t work the soil, plant seeds, and water, will you grow anything? Not practicing is like wishing for that garden and never getting it.

It is better to practice for a few minutes every day rather to practice for an hour or more once in a while. You are trying to develop the muscles involved in breathing and embouchure formation, so consistent, gradual development is the best way to ensure progress and avoid injury.

One way to approach daily practice is to think about your flute as a little friend who lives with you. If you had a good friend in your house, you wouldn’t ignore your friend—you would at least greet them once a day. Make sure you check in with your flute at least briefly every day. Who knows? Your greeting could turn into a wonderful conversation that helps you discover new things.



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